Axiado Team at OCP Global Summit 2023

At the 2023 OCP Global Summit held from October 17-19 at the San Jose Convention Center, Axiado emerged as a standout with their compelling displays and live demonstrations at booth #A12 in the Expo Hall and Station 4 in the Experience Center.

Axiado’s innovative, AI-infused, hardware-centered approach to platform security is shaping the next phase of cybersecurity across cloud, 5G, and network switching sectors. Their booth showcased an array of live demonstrations, highlighting their collaborative endeavors:

  1. Wiwynn: Displayed the Yosemite Valley powered by Axiado’s TCU baseboard card.
  2. Gigabyte: Demonstrated interoperability of Axiado Smart-SCM with GIGABYTE/Gigacompute server.
  3. VVDN: Revealed the new VVDN HPM’s interoperability with Axiado Smart-SCM.
  4. Senao: Integrated Axiado TCU technology into Senao’s enterprise switches.

The OCP Experience Center further unveiled:

  1. The Smart-SCM, recognized as the world’s tiniest DC-SCM equipped with AI functionalities.
  2. The Axiado 1U vertical Smart-SCM’s interoperability with Tyan HPM, operating OCP Caliptra with an AMD CPU.

Moreover, the summit also included insightful presentations from Axiado:

  • “Enabling OCP with Single-Chip, TCU-Powered DC-SCM Cards” presented by Tareq Bustami, the SVP of Marketing & Sales.
  • “DC-MHS: Driving DC-SCM Innovations and Interoperability” led by a panel including Raghu Kondapalli, CTO, Axiado; Lawrence Lo, Cloud System Architect, Intel; and Munir Ahmad, Compute Architect, Lattice.

Prior to the event, there was significant buzz surrounding Axiado:

In summary, Axiado’s impressive show at the 2023 OCP Global Summit underscored its position as an industry leader, pioneering in AI-driven platform security and fostering pivotal collaborations.

Supporting Quotes — What Industry Leaders are Saying about Axiado’s Platform Security Solution

Michael Lee, SVP of Engineering, Accton Technology Corporation

“Networking applications are required to have stringent security requirements. A compact integrated platform security solution with open-source software is needed to enable next generation ToR switching for both enterprise and data center applications. Working with a disruptive technology such as the one from Axiado will make our end solution more compelling to our end customers.”

Harry Soin, Senior Director of Technical Marketing, Advanced Energy
“Employing the latest advances in security is mandatory to protect next generation cloud computing. I’ve seen Axiado, with its TCU building block, be a good match with our power products to enhance the level of security and protection of our customer’s server power systems.”

Srivatsan Ramachandran, Vice President and General Manager, Global Strategic Business, AMI
“AMI has been a driving force behind modern compute environments, providing scalability, security, and sustainability. We’re thrilled to team up with the cybersecurity innovators at Axiado, integrating AI-infused hardware solutions to embrace the next wave of technological change. Together, we’re shaping the future of tech.”

Richard Liu, General Manager of Enterprise Solutions BU, ASUSTek Computer Inc.

“The prevalence of cloud and edge services has led to a rise in network attacks and fraud incidents. Our focus is on enhancing the server hardware security of our customers’ data center infrastructure. We are confident that by teaming up with Axiado, we can accomplish this objective.”

Jas Tremblay, ​V​ice President and ​G​eneral ​M​anager​, ​Data Center Solutions Group, Broadcom

“We are pleased to see Axiado bring its new TCU security processors to market, where it’s critical to provide data centers with the most advanced cybersecurity tools available. Security and AI-intensive technology is important to the data center, where security threats are a great concern for companies. The Axiado TCU platform is the next step to delivering the cybersecurity tools the market needs.”

Magesh Ethirajan, Director General, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

“Advanced research in high-performance computing (HPC) and building exascale computing infrastructure are imperative to solving large societal problems. We are a leading R&D institute involved in HPC, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and Digital India RISC-V (DIR-V) Microprocessor & Strategic Electronics, and actively engaging with premier institutions and leading innovators, such as Axiado, to find solutions for significant societal problems like ransomware and side-channel attacks in data centers.”

Daniel Hou, General Manager, Giga Computing
“The enterprise server market is demanding advanced security features that require a new breed of chip solutions and AI-driven approaches. The Axiado TCU AX2000/AX3000 family offers a fresh and new approach to platform security. Early adoption of innovative technologies like Axiado’s will enable a continued leadership position for GIGABYTE with our enterprise customer base.”

Stephen Gentile, Chief Marketing Officer, Insyde Software
“As a leading independent firmware supplier, Insyde Software fully understands the evolving security and management landscape and the importance of continual innovation in this area. That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with innovative newcomers like Axiado, ensuring our mutual customers have best-in-class platform security solutions.”

Patrick Moorhead, CEO and Chief Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

“Cloud security is going through an inflection point. Axiado’s comprehensive approach to secure platforms at the hardware level and their commitment to collaborative partnerships position them as a key player in shaping the future of this space.”

Bou Lin, President, Senao
“Our clients consistently express the need for enhanced security protection in our next-generation product line, including enterprise-class top-of-rack switches. By integrating the Axiado TCU into Senao’s leading enterprise switches, we can deliver the enhanced security features our clients demand today.”

Joseph Byrne, Microprocessor Report Editor-in-Chief, TechInsights

“Securing and managing computing infrastructure is critical for cloud service providers, telcos, and others employing large server fleets to deliver services. At the same time, ransomware and other malware threatens these companies’ businesses. A single chip integrating server management, platform trust functions, and AI hardware to protect, monitor, and control systems delivers more capabilities in a smaller form factor than cobbling together legacy technologies.”

Eric Kuo, Vice President of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation’s Server Infrastructure Business Unit, Tyan Computer Corporation
“TYAN is a strong believer in modularized server systems for enterprise customers as well as cloud service providers. We therefore work closely with silicon players like Axiado to ensure a new wave of platform security solutions can fit well within OCP’s DC-SCM2.0 specifications. Our engineering teams collaborate to ensure interoperability between TCU – based DC-SCM and TYAN’s industry leading Host Processor Modules.”

Puneet Agarwal, Founder and CEO, VVDN Technologies

“Axiado and VVDN have been collaborating on multiple projects, where Axiado’s domain knowledge in SoC and security is a great complement to VVDN’s manufacturing and system capabilities. I look forward to continuing our partnership with a major milestone demonstrating our respective technologies at the OCP Global Summit in San Jose, California in the upcoming October.”

William Lin, President of Enterprise & Networking Business Group, Wistron Corp.
“Wistron is a key proponent for OCP based initiatives such as DC-SCM as it aligns well with our end customers in the Enterprise and CSP markets.We are therefore excited to look for opportunities to collaborate with chip-level disruptors such as Axiado which complement our go-to-market vision and provide new innovations in platform security.”

Steven Lu, Executive Vice President, Wiwynn
“The collaboration between Wiwynn and Axiado signifies a critical leap forward for the cloud service provider and enterprise markets. This shift toward modular systems aligns perfectly with the industry’s trajectory and reinforces Wiwynn’s position as a Tier 1 player.”