Fighting Ransomware
with Hardware-Anchored Forensics and AI

Detection, protection and prediction

The Wild Wild West of Ransomware

The problem is lack of reliable, proactive, intelligent, hardware-drive, purpose-built and future-proof platform security.

Rely on Axiado to combat cyberattacks.

Axiado Trusted
Unit (TCU)

Built-in features to mitigate the spread of cyberattacks

Axiado Trusted
Control / Compute
Unit (TCU)

Built-in Features to Mitigate the Spread of Cyberattacks

Axiado’s single-chip TCU control plane innovation is a hardware-anchored solution rooted in real-time and pre-emptive AI with pre-emptive threat detection. It provides comprehensive protection through a dedicated coprocessor to enable manufacturers to build solutions that are safe, secure, and resilient by design and default.

Axiado Comprehensive Solution:
Hardware-Anchored Forensic Evidence

Discrete solutions rely on broken hardware root of trust. No forensic evidence.

TCU’s Flexible Implementations

The TCU comes at a time when the industry is actively looking to drastically improve security. Various industry consortiums have proposed standards for which the TCU is ideally suited.

On-Board Processor Design

Next-generation servers are ideal candidates for an on-board TCU solution, providing all of the benefits that the security offload card solution provides, but also offering the flexibility for additional customization that module interface standards may hinder.

Security Offload Card

An industry standard plug-in-module to which the security, control and management features have been offloaded from the main host processor motherboard. Featuring the TCU, this module allows for faster time-to-market for greatly improved security for servers, base stations and the like.

Leading The
Industry Forward

Axiado’s TCU meets these urgently needed gaps in the cybersecurity industry

• Standards-based Interfaces and software packages
• Policy-based recovery to prior known state
• Decentralized key storage
• Application isolation in hardware
• Platform Root-of-Trust
• Integrity and confidentiality of control and management
• Proactive reports on state of platform
• Minimally invasive software updates

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