Fighting Ransomware
with Hardware-Anchored Forensics and AI

Detection, protection and prediction

Fighting Ransomware with Hardware-Anchored Forensics and AI

Detection, protection and prediction

Axiado’s Leading Portfolio of SoC & Modules

Axiado TCU AX3000/AX2000

Axiado AX3000/AX2000 TCU

The Axiado AX3000/AX2000 SoC with built-in AI provides the industry’s most robust, hardware-anchored solution to detect and defend against ransomware and cyber attacks in cloud datacenters, 5G networks, and network switches. Compact yet powerful, this 23 x 23 BGA SoC draws under 5W while featuring anti-tamper and anti-counterfeit hardware, virtualization capabilities, and safeguards against sophisticated attacks.

Axiado Smart-SCM

Axiado Smart-SCM
Powered by TCU

The Axiado Smart Secure Control Module (Smart-SCM) powered by the TCU (in, for example, 1U vertical form factor) complies with the OCP DC-SCM standard, making it ideal for datacenters. Our TCUs combine silicon, AI and data collection, and software into a compact, power-efficient TCU with unique AI functionality explicitly designed for security, safeguarding cloud datacenters and 5G networks (CU).

Axiado Network Compute Module

Axiado NCM
Powered by TCU

The Axiado compact Network Compute Module (NCM) powered by the TCU provides smart network interfaces and security for network switches, 5G networks (DU) across campus, data center and service providers. TCU offers unique control/management plane Smart NIC capabilities for boot and run time operations. Service providers, enterprises and data center operators rely on TCU for secure remote provisioning, de-commissioning of platforms, and secure ownership transfers.

Axiado Smart AI Compute Module

Axiado ACM
Powered by TCU

The Axiado AI Compute Module (ACM) powered by the TCU provides secure AI computing and Hardware Security Manager (HSM) capabilities for any infrastructure element like servers. TCU offers unique transaction monitoring, data collection, and helps address side-channel attacks, network behavior anomaly detection, Ransomware detection and other vulnerability detection protecting both TCU itself and the platform hosts.

Axiado Trusted
Unit (TCU)

Built-in features to mitigate the spread of cyberattacks

Axiado Trusted
Control / Compute
Unit (TCU)

Built-in Features to Mitigate the Spread of Cyberattacks

Axiado’s single-chip TCU control plane innovation is a hardware-anchored solution rooted in real-time and pre-emptive AI with pre-emptive threat detection. It provides comprehensive protection through a dedicated coprocessor to enable manufacturers to build solutions that are safe, secure, and resilient by design and default.

Axiado TCU block diagram

Smart Secure Control Module (Smart-SCM)

To overcome the limitations of existing hardware security, Axiado reimagined Open Compute Project’s (OCP) trusted platform datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) and created the Smart-SCM card, powered by the Axiado TCU.

These differentiators make the Smart-SCM a novel, innovative and disruptive approach to security:

  • World’s first RoT, BMC, TPM, HSM, and firewall functions integrated into a single device
  • Dedicated AI hardware for cybersecurity, providing preemptive protection against network- and peripheral-based, and physical side-channel attacks
  • Enablement of virtual platforms with independent RoT, BMC, and trust agents on a single TCU

Network Compute Module (NCM)

Network infrastructure products like switches, service provider routers, 5G base stations require reboot from a security standpoint. This includes protecting firmware, side-channel attack protection, DoS, privilege escalation, and detecting vulnerabilities at boot- and run-time. Axiado NCM based on TCU architecture offers a single-chip integration of platform security, network security and various anomaly detection capabilities. In summary, TCU-based solutions, in-real-time, help protect platform assets and detect vulnerabilities/attacks.

The key TCU-based solution differentiators are:

  • Real-time network and behavior anomaly detection
  • Smart NIC capabilities of static, wildcard and denial-of-service rules enforcement
  • Platform firmware protection, upgrades with resilience

AI Compute Module (ACM)

Next generation servers must rely on smart AI modules to offload the CPU from AI and networking workloads. In this PCI-Express offload card, Axiado AI Compute Module (ACM) allows the CPU to dedicate its valuable cycles to the compute intensive task.

The key TCU-based solution differentiators are:

  • Multi-stage HW firewall (fully integrated with host CPU stack)
  • Packet and flow validation
  • Virtualization ad traffic steering
  • Inline and lookaside crypto processing
  • AI/ML for networking behavior analysis
  • Configuration and remote access