Never Miss a
Threat Again

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and destructive every day. Axiado’s AI-driven advanced machine learning has the agility to stay ahead of threats bombarding cloud data centers and 5G networks.

Never Miss a
Threat Again

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and destructive everyday. Axiado’s AI driven advanced machine learning has the agility to stay ahead of threats bombarding cloud data centers and 5G networks.

Why is TCU™ Processor the Next Step in Defending Cyberattacks?

Axiado Delivers World’s First AI-Driven Security Processors

The world’s first purpose-built, fully integrated AI-driven hardware security platform, the new AX2000 and AX3000 TCUs are designed to help prevent cybersecurity and ransomware attacks for the cloud and edge markets. Axiado’s breakthrough TCU brings stability and security to the control and management to these heterogeneous infrastructures by eliminating fundamental security problems from the ground up. Axiado’s TCU is a proactive and intelligent security solution that engages a combination of multiple axes of innovation: silicon, AI & data collection, and software. These innovations comprise silicon IPs that are the focal building blocks to its product offering.

Secure Vault

Axiado Secure Vault is a hardware-security accelerator to securely store keys, certificates, biometrics and passwords.


Axiado’s hardware-enabled AI engine creates computational trust for estimating trustworthiness of system components.

Security Hardware

A stateful firewall that enforces rules to protect against common network attacks.

Security Control Accelerator

Axiado’s Secure Control Accelerator provides 10x 6000x performance gain.

Fighting Ransomware With Hardware Forensics and AI

Hardware-Anchored Forensics

Security rooted in hardware, not software only. Resists persistent threats.

Real-Time & Proactive AI

Pre-emptive threat detection using AI, not reactive once the attack has succeeded. Prevents malware from spreading.

Comprehensive platform security

Dedicated security co-processor for uniform and comprehensive protection, not piecemeal hit-or-miss solutions that are difficult to integrate.

Why is Axiado the Right Choice?

Security by design and default

Axiado’s TCU comes to market at a time when cybercrime and ransomware attacks are skyrocketing. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, it’s expected that cybercrime will cost the world economy around $10.5 trillion annually. Estimates suggest in 2022 a ransomware attack took place successfully every 40 seconds, with an attempt nearly every 11 seconds, according to DataProt.

The increasing adoption of cloud infrastructure and processing at the edge has created a demand for purpose-built security silicon with built-in AI capabilities to respond autonomously to attacks and identify vulnerabilities. Today, fragmented and closed solutions result in high costs of ownership, leaving systems vulnerable to cyberattacks, from ransomware to data theft and hacktivism.

In response, the US CISA, FBI, NSA, and cybersecurity authorities from around the world have jointly published guidance for manufacturers to prioritize ‘Security-by-Design and -Default.’ Axiado’s  single-chip TCU control plane innovation is a hardware-based solution rooted in real-time and proactive AI with pre-emptive threat detection. It provides comprehensive protection through a dedicated coprocessor to enable manufacturers to build solutions that are safe, secure, and resilient by design and default.

Smart Secure Control Module (Smart-SCM)

OCP DC-SCM compliant
Available in vertical (1U) and horizontal factor.

Hardware AI-Enabled Security
Detection, Protection & Prediction

Residing in the lowest layer of the hardware stack and integrating all security functions within a single SoC or module, the Axiado TCU effectively acts as a “last line of defense,” even when all other network functions have been compromised. The TCU detects and stops ongoing attacks and recovers the system from an attack by isolating it from the network.

Axiado Innovations for Broad Platform Security

Industry’s firsts

Smallest Form Factor

Open Compute Project (OCP) datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) for modular servers

Distributed Hardware  Security Manager

Anti-tamper & anti-counterfeit hardware

Control/ Management Plane

SmartNIC (network interface  controller) with platform and tenant virtualization

AI-based Real-time Threat Mitigation

With forensic-enabled hardware fingerprints

Platform Monitoring and  Optimization

Clocks/voltages/ temperature using AI/ML

Hardware Agent-Based Ransomware

Proven detection solution

Flexible Platform Ownership Management

Supported throughout the product lifecycle

Integrated SoC

Root of Trust, baseboard management controller (BMC), trusted platform module (TPM), hardware security module, SmartNIC, firewall and AI/ML.