At the 1st Point of Intrusion

Axiado is a fabless cybersecurity processor company securing the digital infrastructure at the first point of intrusion. The company has architected and developed each layer of the computational stack from the ground up to remove the security holes that processors and operating systems exhibit today. Axiado's security solution is comprised of hardware, firmware, OS kernel and APIs.


Attack Vectors

$1 Trillion

Loss/year from intrusions


breaches recorded from 2010 to 2018

$3 Trillion

is spent for securing networks

The Problem

Security holes on all layers of the stack

The Solution

Fully redesigned stack | Cybersecurity processor at it's core | Blocks all known and future attacks

No changes to your Infrastructure

Axiado security is fully compatible with any and all existing security protocols.

Any modern application can be ported to Axiado cybersecurity stack.

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