Game-Changing Hardware Stops Devastating Cyberattacks

Sampling now, a single-chip platform security innovation for cloud and 5G/edge markets

Hardware-Anchored AI-Driven Threat Detection

Trusted technology against side-channel attacks icon
Trusted technology against side-channel attacks

TCU protects base stations against side-channel attacks such as differential power analysis, voltage glitching and clock manipulation that are used to extract cryptographic keys that are protecting high value user data.

Integrates with more systems faster
Integrates with more systems faster

Axiado offers TCU technology in the Smart-SCM security module that is compliant with the Open Compute Project (OCP) datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM)
standard, and as such,
accelerates industry adoption.

Eliminates threats pre-emptively

Eliminates threats

Our hardware-based, AI-driven security technologies include the Secure Vault root-of-trust/ cryptography core and per-platform Secure AI pre-emptive threat detection engine.

Smart Secure Control Module (Smart-SCM)

OCP DC-SCM compliant
Available in vertical (1U) and horizontal factor.


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