Demonstrations at GTC 2024

Collaborative endeavors highlighted during the event with the following:

  1. GIGABYTE: Axiado Smart-SCM for cloud/datacenters (enterprise).
  2. Supermicro: Axiado Smart-SCM for x86 cloud servers.
  3. NVIDIA: AI-driven secure management card for MGX platforms.
AI-Driven Secure Management Card for NVIDIA MGX Platforms

Axiado’s new internal form factor AI-driven secure management card features integrated ASIC with trusted computing, BMC, TPM, HRoT, NC-SI, and AI/ML all in a single device. The AI-driven secure management card uses encrypted memory for data and code protection as well as providing protection against insider and side-channel attacks through hardware agent-based behavioral ransomware detection. This offering enables interoperability with NVIDIA MGX platforms, making it the most power-efficient and best-in-class security solution in the industry to protect platform infrastructure.

The Axiado AX3000/AX2000 TCUs represent a new category of forensic-enabled cybersecurity processors designed to enhance existing zero-trust models. TCUs combine silicon, AI and data collection, and software into a compact, power-efficient SoC with unique AI functionality explicitly designed for security. The single-chip solution is rooted in real-time and proactive AI with preemptive threat detection and comprehensive protection provided by a dedicated coprocessor that allows manufacturers to build safe, secure, and resilient solutions by design and default.

The TCU relies extensively on AI-based real-time threat mitigation with forensic-enabled hardware fingerprints as well as platform monitoring and optimization (clocks/voltages/ temperature) using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The TCU solution includes root of trust (RoT), baseboard management controller (BMC), trusted platform module (TPM), hardware security module (HSM), SmartNIC, firewall, and AI/ML technologies.

More Information

To learn more about the AI-driven secure management card, click here or visit our Products page.