Debut of Industry’s First 1U Vertical and OCP-compliant Horizontal DC-SCM 2.0 Modules Expands Interoperability with Host Processor Modules

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 10, 20232023 OCP Global SummitAxiado Corporation, an AI-enhanced hardware cybersecurity company, today announced the release of its SCM3000 family of modules compliant to the Open Compute Project’s (OCP) data center secure control module (DC-SCM) Rev2.0 Ver 1.0 base specification. The integration of Axiado ‘s Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU), announced and sampled in early 2023, into DC-SCM 2.0 establishes the cornerstone of this new specification and expands Axiado’s solutions for enterprise platform management. The new SCM3000 module family establishes a new standard in scalability, longevity, and interoperability across generations of enterprise platforms.

The DC-SCM Rev2.0 modules integrate Axiado’s innovative TCU with AI/ML capabilities, which includes critical functions such as baseboard management controller (BMC), platform root of trust (PRoT), trusted platform module (TPM) and complex programmable logic device (CPLD), creating in effect a single-chip-based DC-SCM solution. Axiado’s new SCM3000 family includes two modules providing form-factor flexibility for host processor modules (HPM):

  • SCM3001: 1U vertical DC-SCM 2.0 Card: Tailored for cloud, 5G and enterprise network switches, this compact card will have its design open-sourced via a contribution to the OCP community by year end.
  • SCM3002: Horizontal DC-SCM 2.0 Card: This card is designed to comply with DC SCM 2.0

A key advantage of the SCM3000 modules is their wide compatibility with HPM platforms, ensuring a cohesive experience across a broad range of system deployments. Additionally, the implementation of a single system-on-chip (SoC) device brings a compact and efficient vertical form factor that optimizes space utilization, enhancing adaptability to various host processor motherboards.

“Axiado’s industry-leading 1U server-compatible DC-SCM 2.0 vertical form factor and standard horizontal form factor cards are constructed on a ‘DC-SCM-on-a-chip’ single-chip integrated solution,” said Raghu Kondapalli, Axiado’s Chief Technology Officer. “This solution provides platform security, management, multi-tenancy, and AI/ML capabilities for real-time detection of vulnerabilities and threats such as ransomware.”

“As a participant in the Open Compute Project’s Startup Program, Axiado is actively ensuring compatibility of their new platform security solution with key hardware and software ecosystem partners,” said Cliff Grossner Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer at OCP. “This exemplifies how the OCP Community serves as a cornerstone for Axiado’s accelerated market deployment through the adoption and development of equipment based upon OCP specifications.”

In addition to the new SCM3000 modules, Axiado is also introducing a PCI Express card (NCM3000) powered by Axiado’s TCU, delivering accelerated 1G/10G security processing and optimized workload execution.


Both SCM cards along with the NCM card are available now and will be showcased at the OCP Summit 2023 on October 17-19.

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About Axiado

Axiado is a cybersecurity semiconductor company deploying a novel, AI-driven approach to platform security against ransomware, supply chain, side-channel and other cyberattacks in the growing ecosystem of cloud data centers, 5G networks and other disaggregated compute networks. The company is developing new class of processors called the trusted control/compute unit (TCU) that redefines security from the ground-up: its hardware-anchored and AI-driven security technologies include Secure Vault root-of-trust/cryptography core and per-platform Secure AI pre-emptive threat detection engine. Axiado is a San Jose based company with a mission to protect the users of everyday technologies from digital threats. For more information, go to or follow us on LinkedIn.