Collaboration with Axiado Strengthens the Security Features of Senao’s Enterprise Switches

SAN JOSE and TAIPEI, October 17, 20232023 OCP Global SummitSenao Networks, a leading enterprise networking solutions provider, and Axiado, an AI-enhanced hardware cybersecurity company, today announced a strategic collaboration to address the evolving demands of next-generation network infrastructure. The partnership signifies a substantial advancement in strengthening the security features of Senao’s enterprise switches with Axiado’s Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU) technology.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, network security stands as a paramount concern for global organizations. The shifting threat landscape calls for enterprise networking switches to incorporate security measures on par with modern cloud and data center servers. This transformation requires the integration of advanced security functions such as:

  • Secure boot with attestation capabilities.
  • Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE), which provides crucial security layer with or without integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
  • Built-in Hardware Platform Root-of-Trust (HPROT) and Platform Firmware Resiliency (PFR).
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) for secret management.

Additionally, the stringent physical constraints of networking equipment require a compact form factor, making Axiado’s AI-driven, single-chip TCU platform security solution an optimal choice.

As a major milestone in their collaboration, Senao and Axiado have developed a live system demonstration leveraging a standards-based environment using OCP-compliant DC-SCM 2.0 module for the TCU. This system demo will be featured at the Axiado booth A12 during at the Open Compute Project Global Summit, Oct. 17-19, 2023, in San Jose.

“Our clients consistently express the need for enhanced security protection in our next-generation product line, including enterprise-class top-of-rack switches,” said Bou Lin, President of Senao. “By integrating the Axiado TCU into Senao’s leading enterprise switches, we can deliver the enhanced security features our clients demand today.”

“Our partnership with Senao validates our conviction that advanced security measures are indispensable in networking equipment,” said Tareq Bustami, SVP of Marketing and Sales at Axiado. “As cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication, enterprises must prioritize the security of their network infrastructure with AI-driven, hardware-anchored platform security solutions.”

The use of cutting-edge security, typically linked to data centers and cloud servers, now extends to other vital equipment used in modern networking infrastructure. Senao’s partnership with Axiado underscores their dedication to achieving top-tier security for enterprise networking switches and establishing new industry standards.


About Senao Networks

As a trusted industry leader, Senao Networks has a long-standing tradition of providing cutting-edge networking solutions that enable businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. With a global presence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Senao continues to set new standards for excellence in the field of enterprise networking.

About Axiado

Axiado is a cybersecurity semiconductor company deploying a novel, AI-driven approach to platform security against ransomware, supply chain, side-channel and other cyberattacks in the growing ecosystem of cloud data centers, 5G networks and other disaggregated compute networks. The company is developing new class of processors called the trusted control/compute unit (TCU) that redefines security from the ground-up: its hardware-anchored and AI-driven security technologies include Secure Vault root-of-trust/cryptography core and per-platform Secure AI pre-emptive threat detection engine. Axiado is a San Jose based company with a mission to protect the users of everyday technologies from digital threats. For more information, go to or follow us on LinkedIn.