By Tareq Bustami

Today’s organizations face critical challenges in effectively allocating their limited cybersecurity resources. As an AI-driven cybersecurity solution provider recently recognized as a Global CyberTech100 company, Axiado can help businesses optimize their budgets and investments while strengthening their security posture.

By focusing on built-in platform features to mitigate cyberattacks, hardware-anchored ransomware prevention, and fast anomaly detection, Axiado empowers organizations to maximize the impact of their cybersecurity investments. Let’s delve deeper into some of the key benefits offered by hardware-anchored, AI-driven threat detection:

Mitigate the Spread of Cyberattacks: The Axiado trusted control/compute unit (TCU) platform is equipped with built-in features that effectively mitigate the spread of cyberattacks within cloud service providers and enterprises. Through end-user isolation and multi-tenant virtualization, the platform prevents the lateral movement of threats, minimizing the impact of an attack and protecting an organization’s overall information infrastructure. This proactive approach ensures that breaches are contained, reducing the financial and reputational damage associated with cyber incidents.

Hardware-Anchored Ransomware Prevention: Axiado’s hardware-anchored approach to ransomware prevention provides an additional layer of defense against increasingly prevalent threats. By leveraging hardware forensic data and on-board runtime protection, the Axiado TCU platform can detect and halt ransomware attacks in real-time, significantly minimizing the potential damage and disruption caused by such incidents.

Cost Savings and Reduced Total Solution Cost: Axiado’s advanced AI-based breach mitigation capabilities offer significant cost savings for organizations. On average, breaches can cost businesses up to $3 million per incident (IBM Research, 2022). By swiftly mitigating breaches and reducing the time to respond and recover, Axiado technology can help minimize financial losses and decrease the total cost associated with cybersecurity incidents by up to 30 percent. Additionally, Axiado’s unified firmware and hardware-based ownership provisioning streamline maintenance processes, further reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Comprehensive Security and Resiliency: Axiado provides comprehensive security through runtime attestation, integrity monitoring of platform software, and secure commissioning and decommissioning of the platform lifecycle. These measures guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of critical assets while providing a high level of resiliency. In the event of an incident, the Axiado platform enables fast infrastructure recovery and facilitates in-service upgrades and recovery without disruption, ensuring seamless operations.

IT organizations can easily implement Axiado’s TCU platform to protect their server assets. Using OCP-compliant standards, a TCU can be deployed in a DC-SCM2.0 module inserted in a cloud server rack powered by an Intel, AMD or ARM CPU. By investing in the Axiado TCU platform, businesses can optimize their cybersecurity budgets and achieve tangible results. The cost savings, lower total solution cost, and comprehensive security provided by Axiado’s advanced platform features make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to maximize the effectiveness of their cybersecurity investments.

Request a TCU platform demo today. Axiado’s innovative approach and comprehensive solutions can help your organization address the challenges you may face in efficiently allocating your cybersecurity budget.