Axiado has been recognized as one of the Global CyberTech100 innovative companies of 2023. CyberTech100 is a prestigious annual list that recognizes the world’s most innovative cyber technology companies that are essential for every financial institution. Axiado has been honored with this award for its groundbreaking use of AI-enhanced hardware cybersecurity technology, addressing industry challenges, driving cost benefits, and enhancing efficiencies across the security value chain.

The company has delivered a new class of security processors that redefines security from the ground up. It’s trusted control/compute unit (TCU), a single-chip platform security innovation provides secure, dedicated hardware accelerators and trusted, programmable AI-driven security processors for next-generation servers. Axiado’s single-chip TCU control plane innovation is a hardware-based solution rooted in real-time and proactive AI with pre-emptive threat detection. It provides comprehensive protection through a dedicated security coprocessor to enable manufacturers to build solutions that are safe, secure, and resilient by design and default.

The advisory board and FinTech Global, a renowned data and research firm, meticulously assessed over 1,000 companies to identify the finalists. Axiado stood out for its exceptional achievements in the following key areas:

  • Industry Impact: Axiado’s innovative solutions effectively address critical challenges such as ransomware, phishing, and data breaches faced by financial institutions worldwide.
  • Growth and Success: Axiado has demonstrated remarkable growth in terms of capital raised, revenue, and customer traction, solidifying its position as a market leader in the cybersecurity domain.
  • Technological Innovation: Axiado’s cutting-edge hardware cybersecurity solutions leverage AI advancements, providing unparalleled protection and risk mitigation for financial institutions. Its unique financial industry-specific detection algorithms and patented risk scoring algorithms have gained trust from leading global brands.
  • Client Value: Axiado delivers substantial cost savings, efficiency improvements, and revenue enhancements for its clients, revolutionizing their infrastructure and strengthening the entire value chain.

“The recognition by FinTech Global as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies is a true testament to our commitment to addressing our customers’ most critical security and risk challenges,” said Gopi, CEO of Axiado. “Our advanced hardware security platform, powered by AI, combined with our elite team of experts, ensures the highest level of risk mitigation for financial institutions. We are proud to be partnering leading global brands to safeguard their operations.”

Richard Sachar, Director at FinTech Global, emphasized the significance of leveraging CyberTech solutions in the current landscape, stating, “As financial institutions continue to grapple with challenges such as ransomware, phishing, and data breaches, it is imperative to adopt CyberTech solutions. With the increasing costs associated with data breaches, companies must seek robust security measures to safeguard their operations, especially given the current economic climate. The CyberTech100 list equips organizations with valuable insights to identify industry leaders who provide comprehensive protection against evolving threats.”

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