Axiado CEO Gopi Sirineni at Six Five Summit 2023

Gopi Sirineni, President and CEO of Axiado shared insights on trends and innovation in cybersecurity including a novel, hardware-anchored, AI-driven approach to platform security at the Six Five Summit — a three-day, 100% virtual, on-demand event designed to share fresh and relevant strategy, innovation and thought leadership from the world’s leading technology companies.

“I like what Axiado is doing with its TCU technology. It addresses a real need for hyperscalers through a wholly secure platform that protects some of the most valuable functions – computing, networking, virtualization, and the monitoring/management of these functions.”

Pat Moorhead
Moor Insights & Strategy

Defending Against the Cyber Threat Landscape: Axiado’s AI-Powered Hardware Security Breakthrough

Gopi Sirineni, CEO of Axiado, will cover the groundbreaking introduction of Axiado’s AX3000 and AX2000 trusted control/compute units (TCUs), the world’s first AI-driven security processors. The session will delve into the urgent need for robust cybersecurity solutions in the face of rising cybercrime and ransomware attacks, which are estimated to cost the world economy trillions of dollars annually. Attendees will gain insights into the unique capabilities of Axiado’s TCUs, which act as a “last line of defense” by detecting and stopping ongoing attacks and recovering systems from compromise. The session will highlight how these TCUs, rooted in real-time and proactive AI, offer comprehensive protection and redefine security in next-generation servers, data centers, 5G networks, and network switches.

Why is TCU Processor the
Next Step in Defending Cyberattacks?

Axiado TCU AX3000/AX2000