Edge IQTM Processor

The Edge IQ™ Processor is a fully secured, smart communication, and IIoT single-board, computer-on-a-chip that combines high performance and security. It features low power requirements and a small footprint to move applications and analytics to the edge.



Deploys hardware-enforced, cloud server-grade cryptography to ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data.


Runs applications and analytics locally where existing embedded systems are inadequate.


Automates actions based on real-time sensor data with low-latency applications.


  • Octa-core 1 GHz RISC-V processor ensures computational performance.
  • Adds dedicated, multi-threaded and multi-protocol crypto accelerator.
  • RISC-V privileged architecture enables superior software security.
  • RocketChip-based SoC supports all required I/O interfaces for IIoT applications.
  • Secure application enclaves use hardware-enforced software separation of code, data and memory.
  • In-order processing provides immunity to speculative execution vulnerabilities (i.e., Spectre & Meltdown).
  • Eight (8) engines provide cryptographic functions and key management unit for Root of Trust.
  • Guaranteed unique identifier is tamper proof and hardware based.
  • Secure Vault™ boot process ensures authenticated firmware updates.
  • Tamper-proof firmware prevents malware infection and snooping.
  • Resists bricking caused by failed firmware updates.
  • Open-source system leverages FreeBSD OS and LLVM/Clang compiler.
  • AXcrypt hardware-accelerated libraries leverage high-performance Axiado crypto engines.
  • Sensor Fusion libraries enable machine learning and scripting from Axiado’s I/O interfaces.
  • Firmware updater libraries and hardware-based authentication ensure secure updates to SoC firmware.

Edge IQTM Processor Demo

Whether you are looking to reinvent edge computing or just secure what you already have in place, let us demonstrate how our innovative technologies will integrate into your system and secure your infrastructure.