Security from the ground up

Truly Secure Boot

High-Performance In-Order Processing

Axiado Brief


Founded2013; 2017 incorporated in California; 2018 incorporated in Delaware
FoundersAxel Kloth, CTO, one of the top architects in the world
Ashok Babbar, CEO
OwnershipPrivately held by its employees and investors
Size61 employees
Board of DirectorsAshok Babbar, Chairman; Axel Kloth, Board Member; select investors
Digital security as a basic right
MissionTo develop the most advanced firewall processor platform that enables the next generation network companies to offer impenetrable systems for the digital infrastructure
StrategySecuring the perimeter (the firewall) At the 1st Point of IntrusionTM

The Problem

Security BreachesProliferation of security holes in hardware and software over the past 25 years
MagnitudeOver 100,000 breaches since 2010 (, 2017)
6.5 billion records lost (, ID-Theft Resource Center, 2018)
Losses of $1.0 trillion per year (, 2017)
ResponsesSoftware patching—ineffective. For example, J.P. Morgan Chase doubled its cybersecurity budget to $500 million in 2016, excluding capital expenditure (CNBC, 2017).

The Solution

Hardware & SoftwareDeveloping the entire computational and communication stacks from the ground up to secure people and the infrastructure
Security PlatformConsisting of a secure microprocessor, firmware, OS kernel and APIs
Competitive Advantage A new class of firewall processors
Truly Secure Boot (see
Proactive AI defense against known and future cyberattacks
Applications Infrastructure (enterprise, data centers, colocations, cloud server offload), industrial IoT, cable modems

Market Position

Firewall ProcessorProtects itself and other general purpose processors (e.g., Intel, AMD, Arm and its derivatives such as Cavium, Mellanox, Qualcomm) from intrusions


John GustafsonInventor of Gustafson’s Law of Parallel Speed-Up; Former Director of Research at Intel Labs and Senior Fellow of AMD
Peter NickolovInventor of the file switch and its technology
Nick TredennickInventor, VLSI design engineer, author, developer of Motorola’s MC68000, AMD’s Nx686, and IBM's Micro/370 microprocessors, IEEE Fellow


Minna Holopainen
VP of Communication

Ashok Babbar