Blog   |   August 12, 2020

Women’s Leadership Initiative

Axiado to address diversity with new program.

A GSA-Accenture Research Report (Women in the Semiconductor Industry, 2019) reveals the glaring gender imbalance in the semiconductor industry: women represent only 10-25% of the workforce, and less than 1% in leadership positions. Additionally, over 90% of those leadership positions are in non-technical roles.

Joining the cadre of companies addressing the underrepresentation of women in high tech, Axiado completed an in-house study, analyzing leading companies’ diversity and inclusion initiatives (e.g., QWomen, Microsoft Women), and conducted in-depth interviews of all female employees and company leadership. Building on this study, Axiado is now outlining a robust Diversity & Inclusion at Axiado (DIA) program.

Diversity & Inclusion at Axiado (DIA)

At the core of Axiado’s approach to diversity is the belief that an inclusive workplace creates exceptional opportunities for success. The company endorses and actively seeks multiple perspectives that empower all employees to thrive in their careers and to best contribute to the success of the company. Another key tenet of the approach is that inequalities should be addressed from a systemic perspective and focus on practical actions.

Axiado’s DIA program will be launched first as a women’s leadership initiative, providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Moreover, the program will serve as a bridge between women who consider Engineering as a career and the larger semiconductor industry. To kickstart the initiative, Axiado employed a female high-school senior as a summer intern to help research and outline the DIA program.

Diversity & Inclusion at Axiado program starts in fall 2020.