Senior Principal Modeling & Simulation Team Lead

Job Overview

Axiado is a San José, California-based security processor company redefining hardware root of trust with hardware-based security technologies, including per-system AI. Axiado’s products protect sensitive data from the attack vulnerabilities found in current processors and ensure security for every system. The company also embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way.

The Senior Principal Modeling and Simulation Team Lead for Axiado reports directly to the CTO. A key role will be leading a newly formed interdisciplinary product development and architecture team. The candidate will be an expert in the modeling and simulation field with extensive experience, and will interact daily with computer architects, AI and DV team leads, and system software stack engineers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading team working to model and evaluate next-generation hardware and software solutions for computer security and connectivity problems;
  • Focusing on building a full-system development platform model upon which architectural optimizations can be explored and software drivers can be written with the expected booting of an OS in simulation;
  • Incorporating numerous third-party models (e.g., CPU, peripherals) in platforms; and
  • In-house model writing using SystemC or another framework of the incumbent's choosing.


  • C (Programming Language)
  • C++
  • CMake
  • SystemC

  • Gem5
  • Simulations
  • Modeling
  • Benchmarks
  • Software Development
  • Team Leadership


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a technical discipline (Ph.D. preferred);
  • 15+ years of software or hardware development with focus on modeling;
  • High coding productivity using C/C++ and Python;
  • Experience running benchmark suites such as SPECint or CoreMark in simulation;
  • Experience with common simulation model frameworks like SystemC, gem5, and others;
  • Experience with QEMU or another processor emulation engine;
  • Experience with cycle-accurate, cycle-approximate, and function-only models;
  • Appreciation for the trade-offs between simulator speed and accuracy;
  • Experience with one or more revision control systems like Git, Subversion, Mercurial, CVS, or ClearCase;
  • Experience with one or more build systems such as CMake, IDE driven, or makefile; and
  • Experience with one or more issue tracking systems like Redmine, Jira, or Bugzilla.


  • Team leadership responsibility through direct or indirect reports;
  • Some experience with Chisel and Verilator;
  • Some background in computer hardware or chip design; and
  • Experience with embedded, full-stack consumer products (HW up to drivers, APIs and apps).

To apply for this role, please submit your cover letter and resume.