Security from the ground up

Security Holes

Current security holes in routers and servers face breaches every day (cve,,,

25 years of breach after breach, patch after patch...

No secured solution from

  • Hardware manufacturers like Intel, AMD, ARM, Qualcomm, Cavium, and others
  • Software manufacturers like Cisco, Linux, JunOS, and others.
  • Path to costly attempts


    per year spent on securing networks
    CSO Online, 2018


    per year in losses from cyberattacks
    Cybersecurity Ventures, 2017


    per year investments in software development
    CBINSIGHT, 2017


    recorded attacks on processors since 2010
    CVE, 2017

    Biggest Security Breaches

    Half of the world's population has been breached

    Since the inception of the internet, customers have seen viral explosion of cyberattacks and software patches as an attempt to fix the inherently flawed architectural issues with the current processors and operating systems.

    Even security companies (e.g., RSA, VeriSign) and the intelligence community (FBI and CIA) have been hacked. For example, Equifax lawsuit will cost the company $70B. However, it's market cap is $17B.


    Fundamental architectural issues in hardware and operating systems cannot be resolved with patches. That’s why there is so far no security solution from processor and operating system manufacturers, such as Intel, ARM, AMD, Cisco, etc.

    Axiado State of Security