Security from the ground up


Beyond the 1st point of intrusionTM

Axiado is a fabless cybersecurity processor company securing the digital infrastructure beyond the first point of intrusionTM. The company has architected and developed each layer of the computational stack from the ground up to remove the security holes that processors and operating systems exhibit today. Axiado's security solution is comprised of hardware, firmware, OS kernel and APIs.

Axiado's mission is to secure the global infrastructure beyond the 1st point of intrusion.TM

Message from the Founders

Ashok K. Babbar

Ashok K. Babbar, Founder, CEO

We at Axiado are confident that our solution makes full security an attainable right that everyone is entitled to... Read more

Ashok K. Babbar

Axel Kloth, Founder, CTO

Simplicity is the solution to security...
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